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Pastor David Myers did a great job of honorming my dad. Heidi Greve was very helpful. On a scale of 1-10 I would give her a 10+.
~ Bob   S. - 3/15/2019

Staff was very kind to work with and mom's service was beautiful! Heidi was caring, gracious and attentive to details as well as our requests. 
~ Lu Ann   H. - 2/24/2019

Heidi Greve was exceptional. We live in Arizona and she handled our needs better than if we were there. She is a professional and I would recommend her to anyone that would need services.
~ LeAnn   M. - 2/6/2019

Heidi was so professional and yet so thoughtful and kind. I cannot think of any way to improve, you are all doing a great service!
~ John   T. - 1/21/2019

Our family joins me in thanking Becca, Heidi and all those who made a very difficult week easier. At four events, two in Topeka and two at some distance from here, you provided excellent professional service with competence and consideration. 
~ Marilyn   T. - 12/4/2018
Being able to have everything @ Mt Hope was very good. All staff were wonderful - sensitive, caring, helpful. Heidi was wonderful! Thank you to everyone!
~ Carla   B. - 11/13/2018

Heidi was exceptional to make time for all my questions. John Newcomer met me at Mid-Town & came to my service. Easy to work with - low pressure environment.
~ Susan   P. - 11/6/2018

Words couldn't express how much I appreciate everything Heidi did for me or how grateful I am for all her work. She knew how hard an ordeal this has been & she helped & emphasized each step of the way. She made this a less painful process for me.
~ Amanda   T. - 11/1/2018

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