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Staff was very polite and courteous throughout the whole process. Made the burden a lot easier to carry. Heidi Greve helped our family come to terms and helped us not feel burdened with all the information and duties. Very satisfied, no need for improvement since service was top notch.
~ Arin   O. - 6/4/2018
Everything and everyone was excellent. Very kind & helpful. Very pleased with arrangements made at St. John's for visitation. Very, very satisfied.
~ Joyce   L. - 5/22/2018

Becca made this as simple as possible. Thank you, Becca.
~ Melissa   M. - 5/22/2018

I am out of state, so it has been a challenging time. John and Jolayne were very helpful every step of the way.
~ Rhonda   H. - 4/30/2018

Michael & Jolayne - from first phone call to completion of service - excellent!
~ Jon   B. - 4/27/2018
Great great great. Complete help and care for our well being.
~ John   S. - 4/21/2018

Losing both my parents within a ten month period has been full of so many emotions. It was a comfort to have Bob and your staff assist with all of the details and planning for their beautiful services.
~ Kathleen   B. - 4/21/2018

Heidi Evans was wonderful with us especially since Mother had a prepaid plan. She was polite, friendly and made me feel comfortable. She was a great help in the wording of the obituary. She was very patient and helpful with all my calls and tired to make sure everything went smoothly for us. We greatly appreciated her help.  
~ Kathryn   P. - 4/19/2018

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