Printable activity worksheet for grieving children

Losing a loved one is hard on all of us, and can be especially difficult for children, who may not really understand what is going on or what death really means.

Sometimes, an activity that children already enjoy can be a good way to connect with them about a difficult topic. To help, we’ve created a printable activity sheet that you can download here from our website to help stir positive memories and conversations about the loved one who is now gone. The sheet includes simple questions that your child can answer about the person who has died, as well as a figure and shapes to color. You can color a worksheet yourself and have a conversation with your child during the process.

You may find that your child wants to revisit this activity several times with you as they process more memories and aspects of their loss. Saving the activity sheets in a folder, notebook or photo album can allow them to revisit the memories when they are older.

Please know that some children may need additional, professional assistance in processing through a difficult loss. Indications that this might be the case include sadness that is always present and does not subside over time, continual feelings of hopelessness, pulling away from family and friends, an ongoing fixation on the loss, and the inability to accept the loss and embark upon a normal life. If your child experiences these symptoms of depression and/or complicated grief, experts highly recommend seeking professional help for your child immediately.

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