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Our aunt, Helen Weston, died early Friday. We called Penwell-Gabel and were given an appointment at 9am Saturday. Kirsten met with us, and was incredibly efficient, helpful, and kind. She managed to get an obituary into the Sunday paper and to arrange the memorial service for Monday at 1pm. She even managed to arrange for military honors/presentation of a flag. The vocalist she engaged was excellent and the flowers ordered were lovely. She was a tremendous help! 
~ Sheila   B. - 6/21/2017
I was satisfied with everything, the trip to Nickerson, Kansas, the staff members who made all our wishes come true. 
~ Ann   M. - 6/21/2017
Very satisfied with Penwell-Gabel and all it's staff I had contact with. Mother looked absolutely beautiful and I could tell that she had been well cared for by Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home. Heather was so helpful, knowledgeable and considerate. I was very impressed with her and all other staffs services. 
~ Vickie   S. - 6/14/2017
Staff reminded me of things I didn't think of. Informative and professional. Helpful and friendly. Diana, Dan Lill, Bridan V., all 3 have been so helpful.
~ Carol   E. - 6/14/2017
We appreciated the sensitivity extended to us. Your staff made offerings and suggestions, but never seemed pushy or insulted if we declined. Heidi Evans already had quite a lot of info by researching prior to our arrival which made the appointment much more efficient and less emotionally difficult. 
~ Karen   D. - 6/14/2017
Heidi Evans was very professional. Very satisfied. 
~ Jennifer   M. - 5/26/2017
Everything was perfect! We know you all went out of your way to make Mom's service perfect and in your beautiful Mount Hope Chapel with its beautiful stained glass windows. Becca! Her professionalism, sympathy, kindness and understanding was exactly what we needed! Thank you, Becca! 
~ Sandy   T. - 5/26/2017
Everything was excellent! Heather was outstanding to work with. A++++
~ Ron   H. - 5/26/2017

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