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Pat Sears made sure that every detail was taken of, thus our family wasn't unnecessarily burdened. 
~ James   P. - 8/23/2017
I was very pleased with the staff and all the help that they provided. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Michael was great! Very helpful and understanding due to the situation. 
~ Crystal   N. - 8/23/2017
Our family was very satisfied with the excellent service your staff provided. Thank you. Very kind and caring staff. 
~ Roseann   S. - 8/23/2017
Brian Voigt was very easy to deal with and made a tough day much easier. 
~ David   B. - 8/23/2017
Heidi was the main person we worked with. However, everyone of your staff were very kind and caring. Heidi spent a lot of time with us and put us at ease. She explained everything with all four of us asking questions. She made us feel very comforted. 
~ Loretta   M. - 8/23/2017
My family and I were so impressed with the care and concern for our family at the time. Don Lill was fantastic and so knowledgeable and helpful. He made us feel comfortable and cared for. He is great! 
~ Judy   L. - 8/23/2017
Our family was very satisfied. Our mother was pleased with your service five years ago when our step-father died, so we didn't have to guess about where to take her. You didn't disappoint us. Thank you so much for you sensitivity. Pat Sears was very kind and considerate and knowledgeable as well. He made lots of thoughtful suggestions to help make a potential stressful situation easier. 
~ Virginia   K. - 7/18/2017
For such a difficult time, the experience with Penwell-Gabel was one of the best! Superior job! Heidi Evans- amazing, helped with all questions and concerns, made the process easier. Rich Menear- helpful with the cemetery details, super friendly. Both made this happen perfectly. Phil Hamm is a family friend and knowing he was there was good for my family. 
~ Bryttney   T. - 7/18/2017

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